Croatia is a great country for many kinds of adventure tours and Neretva Valley is where adventure tourism takes its best form. Adventures that by Petrus Tours organize with local specialist include kayaking, cycling, hiking, rock climbing, sea kayaking, kite surfing, windsurfing and stand up paddling. Make yourself a favor and spend some time exploring the more adventurous and less crowded side of Dalmatia and Croatia.

Life & Ventures - kayaking
Life & Ventures kayaking


Bacina lakes kayaking tour starts at the beach in Peracko blato and lasts for approximately 3 hours. It’s an easy kayaking tour, perfect for learning the basics of this outdoor activity. 

As the tour progresses we’ll have special quests/challenges through which you’ll learn some new information or maybe master a new skill. We won’t go into the details but trust us, it’ll be fun. Kayaking as an activity is pretty easy and you shouldn’t worry about it even if you never saw a kayak in your life.


What would the beaches and the sea be without the nature that surrounds them? Nothing. Nature is the second reason why you should visit Makarska Riviera.

Dalmatia is made for adventure and Dalmatia adventure tours are among the best experiences you can have. There are many things to try – sea kayaking along with the untouched piece of the coastline in the sunset… You name it, it’s all right here, in Dalmatia.

Aerial view of group of kayakers padlling near beach in Brist in Dalmatia, Croatia.
Life & Ventures - kayaking
Kite surfing at Ušće
Aerial view of at Neretva river delta, the best kitesurfing in Croatia. Situated near the city of Ploče in Dalmatia, Croatia.

KITE SURFING – Kite Lessons

The Neretva area is a paradise for kitesurfing. Thanks to the winds of this area – maestral and tramontana Neretva and delta is a perfect location. If not willing to take part in it, at least the spectacle in the sky itself is worth seeing.

Kiteboarding is a sport that now can be learned in a very easy and safe way. With professional instruction , new equipment’s and one of the best beginner spots in the world as Neretva kiteboarder you can became a kiteboarder in 3 days.

Life & Ventures


Are you exploring the south Dalmatian coast? The Bacina Lakes Paddle surfing tours are a great opportunity to see local culture and the rich diversity of flora and fauna around seven Bacina Lakes and the delta of the Neretva river.

Canals, swamps, birds, fisherman’s villages and things you will never see if you travel by the roads through Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Croatia.


All of our guides are English-speaking licensed professionals, carefully selected for their enthusiasmcharismaknowledgepersonality, and communication skills. We work only with guides who are local to the city or region in which they work and equipped to provide travelers with unique insights into the region of their expertise. These talented storytellers bring to life lands unknown and deepen the connection between traveler and place.

Our team imagines and creates experiences you may not have yet dreamed of.

Life & Ventures - kayaking
Life & Ventures - hiking

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