From the Bay to the City

The first mention of Ploče was in the year of 1387 in a document of the historical archive in Dubrovnik. In that document, Ploče is mentioned not as a city but as a bay in which one Dubrovnik merchant supposed to take cattle shipment to sell it in Dubrovnik. During the Austro-Hungarian reign, the bay was considered to be a perfect place for a seaport and the first works on building it began at 1939. by the blueprints of Ukrainian engineer Boris Karakoz.

The real history of Ploče as a city begins after World War II. when lots of people came here to rebuild existing port and railway. Through history and political regimes, the name of the city was changed numerous times. Finally, the name was changed to Ploče again in 1990. The city and its suburbs developed continuously with the development of the port.

Today, Ploče is a small city which is different than any other city on the Croatian coast. With its unusual architecture from socialism times and beautiful natural landmarks, Ploče is a perfect place for vacation and exploration.


The ultimate sailing base

‘Ploce is a new destination on Croatian nautical charts, situated on the Central Dalmatian coast within the proximity of the beautiful Neretva River and its delta, Bacina lakes and famous tourist centers Split, Dubrovnik and Mostar. Perfectly positioned between Split and Dubrovnik, but not too far from both, the base has extremely good traffic connectivity (Split and Dubrovnik airports, highway road A1) which makes it an excellent destination to start your holiday and enjoy the beauty of nature as soon as possible.

Port of Ploče is located on the Adriatic coast at mid-distance of Split and Dubrovnik. The port of Ploče has natural and geo traffic position, which enables a quality maritime connection both with the cities on the Central Adriatic Coast.’


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Maraton Lađa –Metković, Opuzen, Ploče

The first boat marathon was held in 1998. The main objective is the promotion and preservation of cultural, martime and ethnic heritage, tourism development and integration of mostly young people in sports activities. Boat Marathon is held every year on the second Saturday in August. In the days before the marathon, the race for pole positions take place in Opuzen. The final program runs from 13:00 to 22:00 hours with 600-700 participants and tens of thousands of visitors.

Fisherman’s Night – Ploče/Baćina

Fisherman’s Night in Ploce is held the last Saturday in August, and in Bacina on the 5th of August. It is a folk festival where traditional dishes Neretva valley like fish stew, risotto, seafood salads, grilled fish and frogs and other dishes are prepared. At these events is up to eighty participants from all over the city and surrounding areas, and this number increases every year. The competition has no official evaluation, except that all the audience can taste free, and evaluate the competitors. The event is accompanied by Dalmatian song.

Summer Wine Festival- Ploče

A combination of tasty wine and good music.

More than 40 wineries, film music orchestral concert and several wine talks are waiting for you in Ploče.

Signature Escapes

We offer the following sample signature itineraries to serve as inspiration. We invite you to dream, discuss, and collaborate with our team of designers, creating your own unique escape!

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