Mediterranean, European, and Balkan influences have formed an ancient and distinctive culture throughout its pastoral countryside to its shimmering coastlines. Powerful mountain ranges have carved legacies in their midst while fairy tale castles and walled seaside villages stand as a testimony to its tumultuous past. From its lush national parks teeming with flora and fauna and stunning waterfalls to its glistening chain of lavender and mandarin scented fields in the sun-drenched Neretva Valley, this is truly one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. A journey to Croatia is a lovely and indelible memory that lives with you forever.


Golden Valley and Croatian California are common names for the Neretva Valley. In October and November through the Neretva a unique tourist event – picking mandarins are organized. Mandarin’s are the first fruit of the season available for “pick your own” at Opg Kežić. 

The program of the mandarin harvest is complemented by sailing vessels, a photo safari along the Neretva river channels, backwaters and wetlands, rich wildlife and concludes with enjoying the specialties of this region – eels, frogs and wild game.

OPG Kežić
Opg Kežić- Mandarin
Rizman vinarija Komarna
Life and Ventures- Dalmatia wine & cycling experience


Magnificent-Croatia.com by Petrus Tours is delighted to introduce our guests to the winemakers who are preserving and restoring the ancient traditions of these vines with our directory of the top wineries in Neretva Valley. Our recommendation goes to Winary Rizman, Terra Madre and Winary Deak!

The Komarna winegrowing area is located in South Dalmatia in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, on the road from Split to Dubrovnik overlooking the Adriatic Sea.


Your people are the best asset your company has. The best way for you to maximise their performance and build real team spirit is with bespoke creative team building events and activities. The Team Building Program may include games of tug of war , throwing rocks (local tradition), bicycle riding, sack races, kayaking or paddle surf or mandarin harvest. 

The photo-safari along the Neretva backwaters and lakes, in the traditional craft, will reveal, besides the wonderful nature, the tales about sunken cities, the remains of ancient Roman villas.

Life & Ventures - kayaking
Life & Ventures kayaking
Domagoj Sever Opuzen (14)


Taking a gastronomical walk in the region, we start with numerous restaurants and taverns in the Neretva valley where eel or frog stew is offered as well as delicious meals made of wild game, especially coot.

The preparing of the “Brojet” may seem simple but it is only a sham.  Every place in the valley, every household and every restaurant has its own special ingredient and preparing method. 

So, Magnificent-Croatia.com by Petrus Tours wants to share these precious secrets with you during local cooking classes. 


The Dubrovnik- Neretva county, among other things, is the only host of a delta in Croatia. The river Neretva is open to the sea making the towns  along it Mediterranean  in every sense.  Since prehistoric times, the area of the Neretva valley has been inhabited – mainly because of its naturally rich soil. One of the richest archeological sights in the valley, because of its geographical position is surely Narona, or today the town of Vid, located 3 kilometers from Metković.   

Trimaran boat tours
Sailing in Croatia


When you need some relaxing moments, or you want to experience something new, you can try daily sailing tours.

This new type of island hopping is perfect for family vacations or group trips to Croatia, as you will be able explore the diverse coastline on speed boats, sailboats, and even get aboard a small oyster harvesting boat to taste the freshest local Dalmatian delicacies. Make sure you see as much as possible to make memories that will last a lifetime!


One of the best experiences you can check out during your vacation in the Neretva valley is the slow boat ride down the river. It is truly a great experience for those who enjoy untouched nature, archeology, and gastronomical delights. 

An amazing event takes place every year in Metković city and Neretva river, and it is a Traditional Boat Marathon. Traditional boats make their way through a 22-kilometer route on the river and it is a magnificent sight! If you happen to miss this event, you could always on your own with a boat excursion or maybe rent a traditional boat or peddling board.

Opuzen street art
Domagoj Sever Opuzen (6)
Domagoj Sever Opuzen (13)


Neretva Delta is considered a birdwatching hotspot in Croatia for avid and beginner birders, throughout all seasons of the year. As the only major wetland on the eastern Adriatic coast, the delta presents a vital stopover for migratory birds travelling on the Adriatic flyway between breeding and wintering grounds.

Enjoy local walks, learn and observe beautiful and interesting feathered creatures on our birdwatching tour!


Completely immerse yourself in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, with an unforgettable excursion. Combine the highlights of the Neretva River Delta on this tour with Dubrovnik.

Accompanied by a guide’s in-depth commentary, visit the Natural History Museum in Metković and the Archaeological Museum Narona, then ride on a traditional boat through the Neretva Valley. After learning about the local flora and fauna during the boat tour, stop at a riverside location for a lunch of traditional cuisine. 

Domagoj Sever_Neretva Valley


Pick your own cherries are now ready! Cherries are the second fruit of the season available for “pick your own” at Opg Kežić.

Cherry picking has a very short picking season and only lasts for about three weeks in mid – June. Cherries are one of the most beautiful tree fruits and have plenty of health benefits! They are also a good source of Vitamin C and fiber.

We’d love you to join us for a delicious and fabulously fun day out for the whole family, with lots of beautiful, fresh produce to take home.


Magnificent-Croatia.com by Petrus Tours offers an unforgettable experience to all their guests – a photo safari through the Valley of Neretva. A trip through the effluents and canals of the River Neretva is a true joy for your eyes and soul. Take a boat through hundreds of canals and take a look in to the intact heart Neretva swamps.

Find the place on which the ancient Illyrians, Greeks, Romans and pirates from Neretva launched attacks on enemy ships. You will enjoy the charms of one of the last wetlands in Europe.

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