Great things to do in Neretva Valley

The Neretva Valley is a real paradise for many visitors. The unique landscape of the valley is enriched by the Bacina Lakes, which are often the final destination of tourists staying in Dubrovnik or Split area.

Neretva is famous for interesting wildlife, hidden in its swampy delta. Local specialties include famous eel goulash and frogs, and if you are not fan of frogs – always great choice – “peka”.  A journey to Neretva Valley is a lovely and indelible memory that lives with you forever.


Norin river has a source near the city of Vid, near Metković, in the ancient times called Narona. Therefore, Norin river is not long nor large and it pours into the Neretva river at Kula Norinska village.

The Narona Archaeological Museum contains temple remains and sundry artefacts from the Roman and Illyrian periods. So, this is must visit place while in Neretva Valley.

We offer fun and interesting journey with a skiper and guide that knows where he is driving and always has stories to tell. Enjoy a scenic drive along Neretva river and stop at several overlooks for amazing panoramic views of the hidden villages.

Then, arrive in Vid for fantastic opportunity to enjoy in scenic ride through Norin river on luxury Trimaran boat and taste the very best of Dalmatian wine and food. Learn the secrets of the popular Dalmatian cuisine in the beautiful Croatian countryside.

Metkovic Natural History Museum

Neretva valley is full of life and more than 300 bird species found their home here. Some of these animals are free and roaming nature while their less lucky relatives are stuffed in the Natural history museum in Metkovic.

Ornithological life is the foundation of this museum, any if you choose to visit it, you’ll have the option to observe many interesting bird species. Let us just say that the museum is an interactive experience with sounds accompanying the actual animals shown in it.

Traditional Boat Marathon

After the Romans, Neretva became a nest of the most popular event, inspiring the traditional boat marathon. It is a the largest public event in Croatia organized by the Neretva Boatmen’s Association. Each year, an amateur rowing competition is held from Metković to Ploče, 22.5km along the Neretva river. More then 30 crews are competing for the Great Shield of Prince Domagoj. Both towns are amassed with people and there are parades, concerts, and plenty of cheer, good food and drinks.


The other reason people visit Neretva is for bird-watching. The swamps here act as resting grounds before the spring and autumn migrations. Good locations for include the lakes of Kuti, Desansko and Modro oko, all protected, and the Baćina Lakes.

Foto safari

Guided tours from Split or Dubrovnik include visits to orchards and bird sites, with overnights stays possible. Another way to discover this strangely beautiful region is with the Neretva Foto Safari, which also takes in Kuti Lake, site of a mysterious sunken town and end up in beautiful secret restaurant and enjoy in local food.

Neretva River Mouth

is the most popular place in the whole valley. It’s right where Neretva kisses the Adriatic sea. Somehow it seems that this is the central part of the valley and everything is happening right here. If you are to visit the Neretva river mouth in the summer months you would find many kiteboarders enjoying their game, especially if you are to come in the afternoon hours. Many swimmers would be around too, swimming or enjoying on one of the sandy beaches.

The landscape of Neretva river mouth is full of sandy beaches, sandbars, and shallow sea. The good thing is that it’s close to the main road and, even if you are just passing by, you’ll need only 10 minutes to reach this place and 10 more to return to your original route. Worth of taking a chance, what do you say? Who knows, you might even stay here for your whole vacation.

Baćina Lakes

The proximity of Bacina lakes to Neretva valley makes this place an absolute must to visit when exploring the valley. Bacina lakes are a specific group consisting of 7 lakes and are situated near the city of Ploce. The mouth of the Neretva river is closest to these lakes and it would take you approximately 20 minutes of car driving to reach them. Once there, you just need to relax and immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of Bacina lakes.

There are many activities to do there too, ranging from kayaking and SUP tours to cycling and boat tours. All in all, place worth visiting and a true natural antidote for all your troubles.

Gastro tips while in Neretva Valley 

The important part here is ‘with local food’. There are many restaurants in the Neretva valley and not all of them offer traditional food. You are free to visit them too, some of them offer really good food. But if you are visiting Neretva valley, then you must eat like a local. At least for a single day.

What is considered to be traditional food in Neretva delta? Well, what do you find in river areas? Frogs and eels. These two are the main specialties and you have to try them when visiting the Neretva river delta. Local cooks have been working on these recipes for centuries and they have made them almost perfect. When it comes to restaurants with traditional food, we recommend Đuđa i Mate in Vid and konoba ‘Pod Maslinom‘ in Opuzen.

Next, you need to explore Komarna region. Just 15 minutes away from Opuzen town. It is a relatively young winegrowing area covering 82 hectares of vineyards planted by seven up and coming producers. The soil of this region is skeletal, made up mostly of limestone and very little earth, with an incline of up to 30%, with vineyards positioned from 250m above sea level and continuing all the way down to the sea. by Petrus Tours is delighted to introduce our guests to the winemakers who are preserving and restoring the ancient traditions of these vines with our directory of the top wineries in Neretva Valley. Our recommendation goes to Winary Rizman, Terra Madre and Winary Deak!

Enjoy your stay in magnificent Neretva Valley!