Company namePETRUS TOURS limited liability company for trade, services and travel agency
Short namePETRUS TOURS  Ltd.
Legal form of the company a limited liability company
HeadquartersSplit, Croatia
Company addressStobrečka 10, HR-21000 Split, Croatia

 UHPA – Association of Croatian Travel Agencies

Working hoursMon–Fri 08:00am – 4:00 pm
ContactMob: 091 5711 875
Commercial registerCommercial Court in Split
Capital20 000,00 HRK, paid in full
Member of the Management BoardMatilda Kežić
ManagerMatilda Kežić (član uprave, direktor društva)


Jadranski trg 3A, 51000 Rijeka,

IBAN: HR0824020061101087818
Swift Code: ESBCHR22

Competent authority to whose official supervision we are subject

State Inspectorate

Tourist inspection

Šubićeva 29, 10 000 Zagreb

The property in which we perform / The powers we haveTravel agency / Travel agency services

PETRUS TOURS d.o.o. Travel Agency  (hereafter: PETRUS TOURS)  is obliged to provide the traveler with the services of the same content and quality as stated in the reservation (program) and is also obliged to protect the traveler’s rights and interests, in accordance with the current rules and regulations of the Republic of Croatia and fair business practices in the travel industry.

PETRUS TOURS  is obliged to keep all acquired information about the traveler private and safe, and shall not disclose his/her address, destinations, travel schedule, his/her payments nor the names of his/her travel companions to third parties, without his/her prior consent or unless required by law.


The Travel Contractor/traveler is obliged to provide PETRUS TOURS  on time with all data necessary for the realization of the travel program, and to inform PETRUS TOURS  about all the facts concerning traveler’s health condition, his/her habits and such, that might jeopardize the course of the travel (if the traveler is on special diet, or if he/she suffers from a chronic disease etc.).

The traveler is also obliged to observe the rules of conduct in the hotels and in the catering objects and to cooperate in good faith with the PETRUS TOURS  representative and the service providers. In case of non-compliance with these obligations, the traveler is liable for all damage incurred.


The contract is considered binding and the reservation confirmed after the initial payment is made. The exact amount of the initial payment and the payment plans are defined in the Special Travel Terms and Conditions.

For every reservation, the traveler will be issued the Confirmation Letter with the description of all the services, and also the Special Travel Terms and Conditions. For matters not defined in the Confirmation Letter and the Special Travel Terms and Conditions, the General Business Terms and Conditions apply.


The details of every reserved program, information about the accommodation and all other services, and also information about the number of travelers, are included in the Confirmation Letter.

The accommodation offered in the programs is described according to the official categorization of the respective country valid at the moment of the publication of the program. Nourishment, comfort and the other services provided by the hotel are supervised by the local tourist boards, and the standards of accommodation and services are different and not comparable. PETRUS TOURS  does not take responsibility for any verbal or written information differing from the description of the services and the facilities in the published programs which were obtained from a third party.


PETRUS TOURS  retains the right to change the day or the hour of the departure in the event of the flight timetable changes or other unexpected circumstances, as well as to change the course of the travel in case of the change of the travel conditions (flight timetable changes, the security situation in the country, natural disasters and other circumstances which are beyond the control of PETRUS TOURS ), and according to the current international traffic rules and regulations.

PETRUS TOURS  shall perform all the program obligations completely and as described, except in the event of force majeure.


The traveler/the Travel Contractor has the right to cancel the travel arrangement at any time prior to the start of travel. If the traveler cancels the travel arrangement, PETRUS TOURS  will retain the following amounts from the full package price (unless stated differently in the Special Travel Terms and Conditions):

For the Groups – the cancellation charges will be calculated as follows (unless agreed otherwise):

More than 120 days before arrival date, Non-refundable services, plus 10% of total cost of the itinerary

More than 90-119 daysdays before arrival date, Non-refundable services, plus 20% of total cost of the itinerary

More than 60-89 days  days before arrival date, Non-refundable services, plus 30% of total cost of the itinerary 

More than 31-59 days days before arrival date, Non-refundable services, plus 50% of total cost of the itinerary 

More than 29 – 0 days before arrival date, Non-refundable services, plus 100% of total cost of the itinerary 

For the “Tailor-Made Programs” (Package tours created specifically according to the traveler’s interests and preferences):

Up to 45 days prior to the service: 40 % of the total service price

44-31 days prior to the service: 50% of the total service price

30-21 days prior to the service: 60% of the total service price

20-0 days prior to the service or a no-show: 100% of the total service price

For the transfer services:

Up to 72 hours prior to the service: 30 % of the total service price

72 to 48 hours prior to the service: 40% of the total service price

48 to 24 hours prior to the service: 50% of the total service price

24 to 0 hours prior to the service or a no-show: 100% of the total service price

For the private excursions and the tailor-made excursions:

Up to 31 days prior to the service: 30 % of the total excursion price

30 to 22 days prior to the service: 40 % of the total excursion price

21 to 15 days prior to the service: 50 % of the total excursion price

14 to 0 days prior to the service or a no-show: 100 % of the total excursion price

For yacht charter and hotel/villa or other type of accommodation service only:

According to Special travel conditions


All necessary travel documents will be delivered to the traveler/the Travel Contractor or directly to the service provider in time (vouchers, airplane tickets, written notices, and such) according to the General Data Protection Regulation.


The Proposal and Contract/Confirmation Letter contain information whether the reserved travel services represent travel package and who is travel package organizer.

The organizer is responsible for the performance of travel services covered by the package, regardless of whether these services must be performed personally or by other travel service providers.

In cases when PETRUS TOURS  is the organizer of travel package:

If any of the travel services covered by the package is not performed, upon traveler’s request PETRUS TOURS  will correct this non-compliance, unless this is not possible or if the elimination of non-compliance would cause disproportionate costs taking into account the extent of non-compliance and value of travel services affected by non-compliance.

If PETRUS TOURS  does not correct the non-compliance due to disproportionate costs, the traveler is entitled to a price reduction and compensation in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.

If PETRUS TOURS  does not correct the non-compliance that is obliged to correct within a reasonable time limit set by the traveler, the traveler can do it himself/herself and demand reimbursement of necessary costs. The traveler is not obliged to set a reasonable deadline for PETRUS TOURS  to correct the non-compliance if the organizer refuses to correct the non-compliance or if the non-compliance needs to be corrected immediately.

If a significant part of the contracted travel services cannot be provided, PETRUS TOURS  will offer the traveler appropriate alternative arrangements, preferably of equal or higher quality than agreed, without additional costs for the traveler, including in the case when traveler is not returned to the place of departure, as agreed.

If PETRUS TOURS  proposes an alternative travel arrangement which results in a package arrangement of lower quality than the one agreed, PETRUS TOURS  will grant the traveler an appropriate price reduction.

The traveler may reject the proposed alternative travel arrangements only if they are not comparable to the agreed arrangements or if the approved price reduction is inappropriate.

If the non-compliance significantly affects the execution of the package and if PETRUS TOURS  has not corrected the non-compliance within a reasonable time specified by the traveler, the traveler may terminate the contract without paying termination fees and demand, if necessary, price reduction and/or compensation in accordance with provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.

If it‘s not possible to provide alternative arrangements or if the traveler rejects the proposed alternative arrangements in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, the traveler is entitled, if necessary, to a price reduction and/or compensation in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, without termination of travel package.

If the package includes traveler‘s transport, PETRUS TOURS  will, in the cases from the previous two paragraphs of these General Terms and Conditions, ensure the repatriation of traveler by equivalent transport without undue delay and without additional costs for the traveler.

If due to extraordinary circumstances that could not be avoided it‘s not possible to ensure the return of travelers in accordance with the agreed package, PETRUS TOURS  will bear the cost of emergency accommodation up to three nights per traveler, if possible in an equivalent category of contracted accommodation. If European Union legislation on traveler‘s rights that is applicable to the relevant means of transport for the return of travelers provides compensation for longer periods, those periods shall be respected.

The cost limitation referred to in the previous paragraph of these General Conditions does not apply to persons with reduced mobility, as defined in Article 2 (a) of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 July 2006 on the rights of persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility when traveling by air (SJ L 204, 26.7.2006) and to any person accompanying them, to pregnant women, unaccompanied minors and to persons in need of special medical assistance provided that the organizer is informed of their special needs at least 48 hours before the start of travel package.

PETRUS TOURS  shall not refer to exceptional circumstances which could not have been avoided in order to limit liability in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions if the transport service provider cannot refer to such circumstances in accordance with applicable European Union law.

The traveler is entitled to an appropriate price reduction for each period during which there was a non-compliance with the contracted package, unless PETRUS TOURS  proves that the non-compliance can be attributed to the traveler.

The traveler is entitled, regardless of the price reduction or termination of the contract, to demand from PETRUS TOURS  appropriate compensation for any damage he/she suffers as a result of any non-compliance.

PETRUS TOURS  shall not be liable for damage if it proves that the non-compliance can be attributed to the traveler or a third party that is not related to the provision of the contracted arrangement, that the non-compliance is unpredictable or unavoidable or that the non-compliance ocurred due to unavoidable extraordinary circumstances.

For all possible damages for which PETRUS TOURS  would be liable, except for damages resulting from body injury or damages caused intentionally or negligently by PETRUS TOURS , the maximum amount of damages is limited to three times the total price of the package.

If international conventions that bind the European Union or legal regulations based on those limit the extent of compensation to be paid by the travel service provider which is part of the package, or if they limit the conditions under which he/she is obliged to compensate that damage, in that case the assumptions, limitations and exclusions apply accordingly to the organizer and he/she may refer to it in relation to the traveler.

Compensation for damage or reduction of the price to which the traveler is entitled in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions, with the Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism as well as in accordance with international conventions and regulations are deducted from each other.

Traveler is entitled to request a price reduction based on provisions of Tourism Services Act which regulate the issues of amending the contract on travel package before the start of the package, performance of the package, price reduction and damage compensation within the period of two years. Obsolescence runs from the first day after the day on which the travel package should end in accordiance to the contract.

PETRUS TOURS  will provide appropriate assistance without undue delay to traveler in difficulty, especially in circumstances where, due to unavoidable extraordinary circumstances, it‘s not possible to ensure the return of the traveler in accordance with the arrangement. This assistance shall in particular relate to the provision of appropriate information on health services, local authorities and consular assistance and to assisting the traveler in establishing long-distance communication and in finding alternative travel arrangements.

If the traveler caused the difficulty intentionally or negligently, PETRUS TOURS  will charge a fee for the provided assistance, which will not exceed real organizer‘s costs.


If the Contract provides the right of the Agency to unilaterally increase the price of package after the conclusion of the Contract, the Agency may unilaterally increase the agreed price no later than 20 days before the start of the package in any of the following cases:

  1. a) change of the price of transport of the Travellers or other power sources resulting from the costs of fuel or other power, but only provided that the Contract explicitly states the amount or portion of the price of the Traveller’s transport in the price of the package;
  2. b) change of the level of taxes or fees on travel services included in the Contract set by third parties which are not directly involved in the performance of the package (including tourist taxes, landing taxes or embarkation or disembarkation fees at ports and air ports), but only provided that the Contract explicitly states the amount or portion of such taxes or fees in the price of the package; or
  3. c) change of the exchange rates applicable on the package, but only provided that the Contract states the amount of services related to the certain currency or their portion in the price of the package.

In case of such unilateral increase of price of the package, the Agency shall unilaterally increase the price for the full amount of the change of the relevant parameter from above items a), b) and/or c), and shall notify the Client in writing with an explanation of the increase and calculation. The Client and the Travellers accept such unilateral increase of the agreed price if it amounts to (and including) 8% of the total agreed price of the package. If the said increase of the price of package exceeds 8% of the total agreed price of the package, the Client may cancel the trip and terminate the Contract without the payment of the Contract termination fee. If the Client does not deliver to the Agency a written Contract termination notice within 2 days as of the receipt of the notice on the price change, it shall be deemed that the Client accepts the price change.

If the Contract provides the right of the Agency to unilaterally increase the price of package after the conclusion of the Contract pursuant to the above stated provisions of these GTC, then the Client shall be entitled under same conditions to deduction of the price corresponding to deduction of the relevant parameters from items a), b) and/or c). In case of such unilateral deduction of the price by the Client, the Agency shall be entitled to deduct the actually incurred administrative costs from the amount of reimbursement due to the Client, and shall, at the Client’s request, provide to the Client a proof for these administrative costs.


PETRUS TOURS  advises travelers to purchase: travel cancellation insurance, insurance from the risk of accident and illness while on travel, insurance from the risk of damage and loss of baggage, voluntary health insurance while traveling and staying abroad, and insurance from the expenses for the assistance and return to the place of departure in case of accident or illness. Aforementioned insurances can be purchased directly from the insurer or through PETRUS TOURS , in which case PETRUS TOURS  acts only as a mediator. PETRUS TOURS  will familiarize the clients with content and general terms of quoted insurances for all organized package tours. 


PETRUS TOURS  certifies, in accordance with the law, to have paid the Guarantee fund insurance in case of insolvency for the package tour and related travel package as well as responsibility insurance that may be caused to the client by unfulfilled, partially fulfilled or mischievously fulfilled obligations for the damage related to package tour.

Quoted insurances are applied if PETRUS TOURS  is the organizer of the package tour and related travel package – in this case the traveler will have all needed information on insurer and the method of exercising rights in Confirmation Letter.

The central contact point for administrative cooperation with central contact points of other Contracting States to the Treaty on the European Economic Area regarding insolvency protection to be applied by the organizer is: Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, Prisavlje 14, 10000 Zagreb, , +385 1 6169 111.


Travelers are obliged to comply with all visa-related, customs and foreign exchange regulations of the countries they travel through and in which they are staying. If the travel cannot be continued because of the violation of the regulations by the traveler, all costs and consequences will be defrayed by the violator himself/herself.

Travelers are obliged to have valid travel documents (passports, visas and such). Invalid travel documents leading to the cancellation of the travel shall not have any harmful consequences for PETRUS TOURS . If the travel documents are lost or stolen during the travel, the cost of issuing the new ones shall be borne by the traveler himself/herself.

Details on visa regulations as well as other information related to travelling to the particular country can be found here:

For Croatia –

When travelling to Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo no particular vaccinations are required.


Traveler gives his personal data voluntarily. Traveler’s personal data are required for realizing requested service and will be used

for further mutual communication (eg. letter of intent, payment instruction, service delivery notice).

PETRUS TOURS  commits that personal data will not be transferred outside of country nor be given to the third party other than

partners which participate in realization of the requested service (e.g. accommodation, airline, carrier).

Personal data will be stored in our database accordingly with Personal data protection rulebook.


PETRUS TOURS ’s internet sites may contains links to other websites (eg Facebook, Instagram, hotels, airports, weather forecasts). Accordingly, we warns and encourage users to consider that PETRUS TOURS  can not be held liable for the privacy of the mentioned Internet Sites. Therefore, we encourage users to read the Privacy Statement of each Internet site they access.


Cookies enable PETRUS TOURS  to collect statistical user behavior data on the PETRUS TOURS  websites (for example, in which parts of the Internet page users stay the longest and the shortest), the Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox) and so on.

The cookies are a small set of data sent from the PETRUS TOURS  websites server to the user’s computer, and serves as an anonymous identifier. Cookies are also used to make it easier to navigate through the web pages (e.g. you do not have to re-enter your registration data each time). Cookies are not used to access user data or to track user activity when leaving the PETRUS TOURS  websites.

PETRUS TOURS  reserves the right to use cookies on the web site but any user may prohibit receiving cookies by editing / changing settings in their Internet browser.


The traveler is obliged, without unnecessary delay and taking into account the circumstances, to notify PETRUS TOURS  of any non-compliance found during the performance of the travel service covered by travel package.

PETRUS TOURS  obliges to resolve all complaints in accordance with applicable laws and these General Terms and Conditions.

Although we believe that, in the event of a complaint, the traveler will be satisfied with the solution offered by PETRUS TOURS , the traveler can submit a proposal to initiate proceedings to the notified bodies for alternative resolution of consumer dispute, in accordance with a special law governing alternative resolution of consumer dispute.

The authorized body for alternative resolution of consumer disputes covering the organizer is the Center for Conciliation at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Rooseveltov trg 2, 10000 Zagreb, 10000,

In the event of a dispute, the court in Split will be held competent and the law of the Republic of Croatia shall be applied.


STOBREČKA 10, 21 000 SPLIT, HRVATSKA         

OIB:74110570036 , VAT: HR74110570036

Mob: +385 91 571 1875, , E-mail:, W:        

Split , 31.03.2022

A) Data processing controller

PETRUS TOURS Ltd. Travel agency with the company headquarters registered in Stobrečka 10, HR 21 000 Split  is the data processing controller, in agreement with General Data Protection Regulation.

Data processing covers a range of operations performed on personal data, including the collection, storage, use, consultation or transfer of personal data. Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person who is or can be identified, directly or indirectly.

PETRUS TOURS Ltd. Travel agency has established Personal Data Protection Regulations in accordance with the aforementioned General Data Protection Regulation and applicable to all the personal data of natural persons collected and processed by the data processing controller directly or by his partners.

Data processing controller can be contacted in the following ways:

By email: 

By phone: +385 91 571 1875

By mail: Stobrecka 10, 21000 Split-Croatia


B) The principles of personal data processing

The principles that Data processing controller applies in processing personal data:

Legality, honesty, and transparency – processing is based on one of the following parameters:

Processing is necessary for compliance with legal obligations to which the controller is subject

Processing is necessary to perform the contract in which the data subject is a party, or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering the contract

Processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of the data subject or another natural person

Processing is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by the controller or the third party, except where such interests are overridden by interests of fundamental rights and freedoms of data subjects which require protection of personal data, in particular where the data subject is a child

The data subject has given his consent to the processing of the personal data concerning him or one or more specific purposes

Personal data must be collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes.

Adequacy, relevance and limitedness only to data essential for the execution of the purpose for which they were collected

Accuracy and up-to-dateness.

Personal data are kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed.

Integrity and confidentiality – personal data are processed in a manner that provides appropriate security for personal data, including protection against unauthorized or illegal processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, by the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures.

Reliability – data controller is responsible for the aforementioned principles and willing to submit proof of their implementation.

C) How your personal data is collected

PETRUS TOURS Ltd. Travel agency collects personal data in the following ways:

By direct contact, regardless if you contact us by phone, send us an email, complete contact form on our website or come to our office in person.

If you use our services.

If our partners provide your data to us in a legitimate way.

D) What data of yours is collected

PETRUS TOURS Ltd. Travel agency collects only the data essential to achieve the purpose for which they were collected. The list of all the data items can be provided to you upon request.

E) How we use your personal data

The collected personal data are used for the following purposes:

Creating the best tailor-made offer to suit individual and group preferences.

Fulfilling contractual obligation.

Disclosing the personal data to third parties in order to fulfill contractual obligation. This includes possible data transfer to the countries outside European Union.

Assessing satisfaction with the fulfillment of contractual obligation.

Dealing with possible reclamations.

Fulfilling legal regulations.

F) Your personal data safety

All your personal data are stored in a business data system, protected by codes and encryption, and accessible only to particular employees necessary to perform business tasks.

G) Your personal data storage length

We keep your personal data as long as it is necessary to fulfill contractual obligation and for legitimate purposes (including reclamations), or until withdrawal of consent if processing is based on consent. In case legal regulations prescribe a longer storage period, personal data are stored in agreement with regulations in force. The data that are no longer stored are permanently erased and anonymised.


H) Your rights

According to General Data Protection Regulation, you have the following rights:

The right to obtain the following information when the data are being collected:

Identity and contact information of the data controller

Purpose and legal basis of the processing

Legitimate interests of the data controller

Recipient or categories of recipients

Data transfer to third countries

The right to obtain from the controller confirmation showing:

Whether your personal data are being processed

How your personal data are being processed

The purpose of the processing

Which personal data of yours are being processed

The right to consult your personal data we possess

The right to have your incorrect or outdated data corrected

The right to have your personal data erased

The right to have your personal data transferred to another data controller

The right to withdraw your consent

The right to require limitation of processing

In accordance with Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act (NN 41/14, 110/15) and with Article 6 of the Law for Providing Services in Tourism Industry (NN 130/17), we would like to inform our guests that a complaint on the quality of our services may be submitted in writing to the following postal address:

PETRUS TOURS Ltd. Travel Agency

Stobrečka 10, 21 000 Split , CROATIA

complaint may be filed also via e-mail:

The confirmation of the receipt will be delivered promptly. The response to the complaint will be provided in writing within 15 days of the receipt of the complaint. When filing the complaint, please provide information to whom and how you wish to receive the response for its accurate delivery. We guarantee that all personal information provided in the complaint will be archived according to the General Data Protection Regulation and will not be used in any other purposes.

Naziv tvrtkePETRUS TOURS  društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću za trgovinu, usluge i turistička agencija
Skraćeni nazivPETRUS TOURS d.o.o.
Pravni oblik tvrtkedruštvo s ograničenom odgovornošću
Sjedište tvrtkeSplit, Hrvatska
Adresa tvrtkeStobrečka 10, HR-21000 Split, Hrvatska
Član UHPA – Udruga hrvatskih putničkih agencija
Radno vrijemepon –pet 08:00-16:00 h
KontaktMob: 091 5711 875
Trgovački registarTrgovački sud u Splitu
Temeljni kapital20 000,00 kuna, uplaćen u cjelosti
Član upraveMatilda Kežić
Voditelj poslovaMatilda Kežić (član uprave, direktor društva)
Račun kod


Jadranski trg 3A, 51000 Rijeka,

IBAN: HR0824020061101087818
Swift Code: ESBCHR22

Nadležno tijelo čijem službenom nadzoru podliježemoDržavni inspektorat
Turistička inspekcija
Šubićeva 29, 10 000 Zagreb
Svojstvo u kojem nastupamo / Ovlaštenja koja imamoTuristička agencija / Usluge turisičke agencije



Opći uvjeti poslovanja, Posebni uvjeti putovanja, Program putovanja, odnosno Individualni program putovanja sastavni su dio Ugovora između PETRUS TOURS d.o.o. turističke agencije ( u daljnjem tekstu AGENCIJA) i putnika koji prijavljuje odabrani aranžman.  U slučaju da su odredbe Ugovora i/ili Posebnih uvjeta putovanja, Programa putovanja odnosno Individualnog programa putovanja i/ili Općih uvjeta različitog sadržaja, na ugovorni odnos između Ugovaratelja putovanja/Putnika i Organizatora putovanja primijenit će se prvo Ugovor i Posebni uvjeti putovanja, zatim Program putovanja, odnosno Individualni program putovanja i na kraju Opći uvjeti.


Agencija je dužna izvršiti svoju uslugu nakon što je u cijelosti uplaćena ugovorena cijena ili dio cijene ali je nesporno osigurano plaćanje preostalog iznosa do ugovorenog datuma. Agencija je dužna brinuti se o provedbi usluga kao i o izboru davatelja usluga pažnjom dobrog gospodarstvenika te brinuti se o pravima i interesima Putnika sukladno trgovačkim običajima u turizmu. Agencija je dužna sve putne dokumente pravovremeno dostaviti ugovaratelju putovanja/putniku ili direktno neposrednom pružatelju usluga (voucher, zrakoplovne karte, eventualne pismene obavijesti i sl.), a sukladno s Općom uredbom o zaštiti podataka. Agencija je dužna Putniku pružiti sve usluge navedene u Programu putovanja i odgovara Ugovaratelju putovanja odnosno Putniku zbog eventualnog neispunjenja ili djelomičnog ispunjenja usluga, uz pravo korisnika na naknadu u maksimalnoj visini stvarne vrijednosti neobavljenog dijela aranžmana, a koju Putnik nadoknađuje ISKLJUČIVO TEMELJEM POLICE OSIGURANJA OD PROFESIONALNE ODGOVORNOSTI OD OSIGURATELJA S KOJIM AGENCIJA IMA SKLOPLJEN UGOVOR. Agencija isključuje svaku odgovornost u slučaju promjena i neizvršenja usluga prouzročenih višom silom te zbog kašnjenja prijevoznih sredstava za koje prijevoznik ne odgovara prema pozitivnim propisima i međunarodnim konvencijama. U ovim slučajevima, Agencija nije dužna podmiriti sve dodatne troškove Putnika. Agencija ne odgovara za provedbu putovanja odnosno turističkih aranžmana kojima nije odgovorni organizator već samo posreduje u prodaji.


Ugovaratelj/putnik je dužan pravodobno dostaviti sve podatke potrebne za realizaciju ugovorenih usluga /programa putovanja, te obavijestiti Agenciju  o svim činjenicama koje bi mogle ugroziti odvijanje ili realizaciju ugovorenih usluga /programa putovanja (ako iz zdravstvenih ili drugih razloga putnik traži određenu vrstu ishrane, boluje od kronične bolesti i sl.).

Putnik je dužan pridržavati se kućnog reda u ugostiteljskim i hotelskim objektima te surađivati s predstavnikom Agencije i davateljima usluga u dobroj namjeri. U slučaju nepoštivanja ovih obveza putnik sam odgovara za učinjenu štetu. Putnici su dužni pridržavati se viznih, carinskih i deviznih propisa zemalja kojima prolaze i u kojima borave. U slučaju nemogućnosti nastavka putovanja radi kršenja propisa od strane putnika, sve nastale troškove i posljedice snosi sam prekršitelj.

Putnici su obvezni posjedovati valjane osobne putne isprave (putovnice, vize i sl.). Nevaljane isprave, koje imaju za posljedicu odustajanje od putovanja, ni u kojem pogledu ne obvezuju Agenciju. Ukoliko za vrijeme putovanja dođe do gubitka ili krađe putnih isprava, troškove izdavanja novih isprava snosi putnik.


U prijavi za putovanje osoba treba navesti imena putnika i njegove/njihove druge podatke u svrhu realizacije putovanja, i to neposredno u poslovnici Agencije, telefonom, telefaksom, e-mailom ili drugim sredstvima komunikacije, kao i kod ovlaštenih subagenata. Ugovaratelj putovanja odnosno Putnik dužan je, na zahtjev Agencije dostaviti sve podatke i dokumente potrebne radi realizacije Ugovora. Ugovor se smatra zaključenim i rezervacija potvrđena uplatom depozita. Visina depozita i dinamika plaćanja definirani su u Posebnim uvjetima putovanja.

Za svaku rezervaciju Ugovaratelju/putniku će biti izdan Ugovor sa opisom svih usluga i Posebnim uvjetima putovanja. Za sve ono što nije navedeno u Ugovoru i Posebnim uvjetima vrijede Opći uvjeti poslovanja.


Agencija osigurava Putniku provedbu usluge smještaja, putovanja odnosno paket aranžmana, organizacije izleta i transfera prema programu putovanja odnosno sklopljenom ugovoru i programu objavljenim na internet stranicama i/ili promidžbenom materijalu te prema opisu i terminu sukladno potvrđenoj rezervaciji/ponudi. Sadržaj usluge agencija neće ostvariti u potpunosti na opisani način u slučaju izvanrednih okolnosti koje se ne mogu predvidjeti niti otkloniti.

Detaljan sadržaj svake ugovorene usluge /svakog rezerviranog programa, cijena, sve informacije o smještaju i svim ostalim uslugama, te podaci o broju putnika nalazi se u Ugovoru.

Ponuđeni smještaj opisan je prema službenoj kategorizaciji dotične zemlje u vrijeme rezervacije/izdavanja programa. Prehrana, komfor kao i druge usluge u ponudi smještaja pod nadzorom su mjesnih turističkih uprava, a standardi smještaja i usluga su različiti i nisu usporedivi. Agencija ne preuzima odgovornost za bilo koju usmenu ili pismenu informaciju koja nije u skladu s opisom usluga na programima, a dobivena je od strane treće osobe.


Ukoliko je organizator putovanja, Agencija zadržava pravo izmijeniti program ukoliko nastupe okolnosti koje se ne mogu predvidjeti ni otkloniti (promjene voznih redova, kašnjenje zrakoplova, vremenske neprilike, prometne nezgode, elementarne nepogode, potresi, ratovi, nemiri, poplave, požari, sanitarni poremećaji i slično). Nastup nepredviđenih okolnosti daje pravo Agenciji potpuno ili djelomično otkazati program, odnosno unijeti izmjene u program koje omogućuju provedbu programa bez štetnih posljedica po Putnike. Agencija također ima pravo otkazati Paket aranžman kada se ne prijavi dovoljan broj sudionika (navesti minimalan broj sudionika) a najkasnije sedam (7) dana prije predviđenog polaska uz obvezu povrata cijelog uplaćenog iznosa Putnicima. Kada se koriste sredstva javnog prijevoza na redovitim linijama isključuje se svaka odgovornost Agencije organizatora za posljedice izmjene reda

prometovanja istih.


Usmeni otkaz Ugovaratelj putovanja odnosno Putnik je dužan potvrditi u pisanom obliku bilo dopisom, telefaksom ili e-mailom. Ako Ugovaratelj putovanja odnosno Putnik ne potvrdi usmeno priopćeni otkaz u pisanom obliku, smatrat će se da nije otkazao putovanje. Ako Ugovaratelj putovanja odnosno Putnik, na vlastiti zahtjev, prekine putovanje koje je u tijeku, nema pravo na naknadu troškova nastalih zbog prijevremenog povratka u mjesto polaska. U slučaju da Ugovaratelj putovanja odnosno Putnik otkaže putovanje, Agencija zadržava uplaćeni iznos u visini koja ovisi o vremenu otkazivanja putovanja i to na slijedeći način (ukoliko u Posebnim uvjetima nije drugačije naznačeno)

Za Grupe – troškovi otkazivanja izračunat će se na sljedeći način (osim ako nije drugačije dogovoreno):

Više od 120 dana prije datuma dolaska, Nepovratne usluge, plus 10% ukupnih troškova itinerera

Više od 90-119 dana prije datuma dolaska, Nepovratne usluge, plus 20% ukupnih troškova plana putovanja

Više od 60-89 dana prije datuma dolaska, Nepovratne usluge, plus 30% ukupnih troškova plana putovanja

Više od 31-59 dana prije datuma dolaska, Nepovratne usluge, plus 50% ukupnih troškova plana putovanja

Više od 0-30dana prije datuma dolaska, Nepovratne usluge, plus 100% ukupnih t roškova plana putovanja

Za “Tailor-Made Programe” (Aranžmane krirane posebno “po mjeri” putnika):

Do 45 dana prije usluge: 40% ukupne cijene usluge

44-31 dana prije usluge: 50% ukupne cijene usluge

30-21 dan prije usluge: 60% ukupne cijene usluge

21 do 0 dana prije usluge ili no-show: 100% ukupne cijene usluge

Za usluge transfera putnika:

Do 72 sata prije usluge: 0% ukupne cijene usluge

72 do 48 sati prije usluge: 30% ukupne cijene usluge

48 do 24 sata prije usluge: 50% ukupne cijene usluge

24 do 0 sati prije usluge ili no-show: 100% ukupne cijene usluge

Za privatne izlete i izlete kreirane “po mjeri” putnika:

Do 31 dana prije usluge: 30% ukupne cijene usluge

30-22 dana prije usluge: 40% ukupne cijene usluge

21 do 15 dana prije usluge: 50% ukupne cijene usluge

14-0 dana prije usluge ili no-show: 100% ukupne cijene usluge

Za privatne transfere brodovima:

do 8 dana prije usluge: 0% ukupne cijene usluge

7-3 dana prije usluge: 30% ukupne cijene usluge

72-24 sata prije usluge: 50% ukupne cijene usluge

24-0 sati prije usluge ili no-show: 100% ukupne cijene usluge

Za charter usluge i usluge samo hotelskog i smještaja u vilama:

Prema Posebnim uvjetima putovanja


Ako je Ugovorom predviđeno pravo Agencije na jednostrano povećanje cijene paketa nakon sklapanja Ugovora, Agencija može jednostrano povećati ugovorenu cijenu najkasnije 20 dana prije početka paketa u bilo kojem od sljedećih slučajeva:

  1. a) promjena cijene prijevoza Putnika ili drugih izvora energije zbog troškova goriva ili druge energije, ali samo pod uvjetom da je u Ugovoru izričito naveden iznos ili dio cijene prijevoza Putnika u cijeni aranžmana ;
  2. b) promjenu visine pristojbi ili pristojbi na putničke usluge uključene u Ugovor koje su odredile treće osobe koje nisu izravno uključene u izvedbu aranžmana (uključujući turističke pristojbe, pristojbe za pristajanje ili naknade za ukrcaj ili iskrcaj u lukama i zračnim lukama) , ali samo pod uvjetom da je u Ugovoru izričito naveden iznos ili dio takvih poreza ili naknada u cijeni paketa; ili
  3. c) promjenu tečaja koji se primjenjuje na paket aranžmanu, ali samo pod uvjetom da je u Ugovoru naveden iznos usluga koji se odnosi na određenu valutu ili njihov udio u cijeni paketa.

U slučaju takvog jednostranog povećanja cijene paketa, Agencija će jednostrano povećati cijenu za puni iznos promjene relevantnog parametra iz gornjih točaka a), b) i/ili c), te će o tome obavijestiti Naručitelja u pisanje s obrazloženjem povećanja i obračuna. Klijent i Putnici prihvaćaju takvo jednostrano povećanje ugovorene cijene ako ono iznosi (uključujući) 8% ukupne ugovorene cijene aranžmana. Ukoliko navedeno povećanje cijene aranžmana prelazi 8% ukupne ugovorene cijene aranžmana, Klijent može otkazati putovanje i raskinuti Ugovor bez plaćanja naknade za raskid Ugovora. Ako Naručitelj ne dostavi Agenciji pisanu obavijest o raskidu Ugovora u roku od 2 dana od dana primitka obavijesti o promjeni cijene, smatra se da Naručitelj prihvaća promjenu cijene.

Ako Ugovor daje pravo Agenciji na jednostrano povećanje cijene paketa nakon sklapanja Ugovora prema gore navedenim odredbama ovih OUU, tada Naručitelj pod istim uvjetima ima pravo na odbitak cijene koja odgovara odbitku relevantne parametre iz točaka a), b) i/ili c). U slučaju takvog jednostranog odbitka cijene od strane Naručitelja, Agencija ima pravo odbiti stvarno nastale administrativne troškove od iznosa naknade koja pripada Naručitelju, te će, na zahtjev Naručitelja, dostaviti Naručitelju dokaz za ove administrativne troškove.


Putnicima savjetujemo uplatu osiguranja: za slučaj otkaza putovanja, osiguranja od posljedica nesretnog slučaja i bolesti na putovanju, oštećenja i gubitka prtljage, dragovoljnog zdravstvenog osiguranja za vrijeme puta i boravka u inozemstvu, te osiguranja kojim se osiguravaju troškovi pomoći i povratka putnika u mjesto polazišta u slučaju nesreće i bolesti. Navedena osiguranja mogu se uplatiti izravno kod osiguravatelja ili preko Agencije pri čemu Agencija djeluje kao posrednik.

Kad je organizator aranžmana, Agencija će prije potvrde rezervacije upoznati putnike sa sadržajem i općim uvjetima navedenih osiguranja.


Agencija potvrđuje da, sukladno Zakonu, ima uplaćeno Osiguranje jamčevine za slučaj nesolventnosti za turistički paket aranžman i povezani putni aranžman, kao i Osiguranje od odgovornosti koju prouzroči putniku neispunjenjem, djelomičnim ispunjenjem ili neurednim ispunjenjem obveza za štetu koje se odnose na paket aranžman. Navedena osiguranja primjenjiva su kada je Agencija organizator paket aranžmana i povezanog putnog aranžmana.

Agencija je zaključila policu osiguranja jamčevine te policu osiguranja od odgovornosti kod TRIGLAV OSIGURANJE d.d., adresa, tel. br. POLICE 990007068093. U slučaju potrebe aktiviranja jamčenog osiguranja, dužni ste uz predočenje Ugovora o zaključenom paket aranžmanu ili drugog oblika ugovora o poslovnoj suradnji, te obvezno i isključivo originalnim primjercima priznanica za uplate u korist Agencije, u najkraćem roku kontaktirati TRIGLAV OSIGURANJE d.d. u svrhu naplate Vaših potraživanja.


Putnik svoje osobne podatke daje dobrovoljno. Osobni podaci putnika potrebni su u procesu realizacije tražene usluge i koristit će se za daljnju međusobnu komunikaciju (npr. pismo namjere, upute o uplati, obavijesti o realizaciji usluge).


 se obvezuje da neće osobne podatke putnika iznijeti iz zemlje ili ih dati trećoj osobi, osim partnerima koji sudjeluju u realizaciji ugovorene usluge (npr. smještaj, aviokompanija, prijevoznik).

Osobni podaci putnika čuvat će se u bazi podataka, sukladno Pravilniku o zaštiti osobnih podataka.


U slučaju da Ugovaratelj putovanja odnosno Putnik izjavi prigovor koji se odnosi na neispunjenje odnosno djelomično ispunjenje pojedine usluge koja čini Paket aranžman, dužan je taj prigovor podnijeti osobi koja je dužna tu uslugu uredno izvršiti, odmah po saznanju, a Agenciji u roku 8 dana od završetka putovanja. Prigovor uložen nakon proteka navedenog roka, Agencija nije dužna uzeti u razmatranje. Putnik je dužan poslati pismeni prigovor zajedno s popratnim dokumentima i fotografijama koje dokazuju osnovu prigovora agenciji e-mailom na ili poštom na njenu adresu. Putnik je dužan surađivati s predstavnikom Agencije u dobroj namjeri da se razlog reklamacije otkloni. Dok Agencija ne donese rješenje o prigovoru, a obvezna je to učiniti najkasnije 30 dana po primitku prigovora-reklamacije, Ugovaratelj Putovanja/Putnik odriče se posredovanja bilo koje druge osobe, te davanja izjava ili kakvih drugih dokumenata bilo kakvom sredstvu javnog priopćavanja ili bilo kakvoj drugoj instituciji. Najviša naknada po prigovoru može doseći 50 % cijene aranžmana, te se isključuje svaka mogućnost na naknadu idealne štete.

Kada je u Agenciji putnik kupio aranžman kojeg Agencija prodaje kao subagent, isključivu odgovornost za sve usluge odnosno njihovo obavljanje ili nepotpuno obavljanje snosi odgovorni organizator, a ne agencija – posrednik, te se svi prigovori u tom smislu upućuju isključivo odgovornom organizatoru, dok je agencija – posrednik obvezna biti na usluzi u smislu lakšeg uspostavljanja kontakta s odgovornim organizatorom, te eventualno pomoći u rješavanju prigovora bez odgovornosti za ishod prigovora.


Potvrdom rezervacije odnosnom uplatom akontacije ili cjelokupnog iznosa aranžmana Putnik u cijelosti prihvaća ove opće uvjete poslovanja. Ovi opći uvjeti sastavni su dio rezervacije/Ugovora koji se sklapa između Agencije i Putnika. Sva moguća odstupanja od ovih općih uvjeta, moraju biti navedena u Posebnim uvjetima putovanja /Programu putovanja i moraju biti dostavljena Putniku uz Ugovor ili u samom Ugovoru. Putnik potpisivanjem Ugovora u cijelosti prihvaća Posebne uvjete putovanja/Program putovanja kao i ove Opće uvjete.

PETRUS TOURS društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću za trgovinu, usluge i turistička agencija, Stobrečka 10, 21000 Split, Hrvatska         

OIB:74110570036; VAT: HR74110570036

Mob: +385 91 571 1875,



Split , 31.03.2022.

A) Voditelj obrade podataka

PETRUS TOURS d.o.o. turistička agencija s registriranim sjedištem u Stobrečka 10, HR 21 000 Split je voditelj obrade osobnih podataka u skladu s Općom uredbom o zaštiti podataka.

Obrada osobnih podataka je bilo koja radnja izvršena na osobnim podacima, poput primjerice prikupljanja, pohrane, upotrebe, uvida i prijenosa osobnih podataka. Osobni podatak je svaki podatak koji se odnosi na fizičku osobu čiji je identitet utvrđen ili se može utvrditi, izravno ili neizravno.

PETRUS TOURS d.o.o. turistička agencija je donijela Pravilnik o zaštiti osobnih podataka koji je u skladu s navedenom Općom uredbom te se on primjenjuje na sve osobne podatke fizičkih osoba koje voditelj obrade prikuplja i obrađuje, izravno ili putem svojih partnera.

Voditelja obrade se može kontaktirati na sljedeće načine:


Mobitelom: +385 91 571 1875

Poštom: Stobrečka 10, 21 000 Split 


B) Načela obrade osobnih podataka

Primjenjena načela prilikom obrade osobnih podataka kod Voditelja obrade:

Zakonitost, poštenost i transparentnost – obrada se provodi na temelju jednog od sljedećih parametara:

Obrada je nužna radi poštivanja pravnih obveza voditelja obrade,

Obrada je nužna za izvršavanje ugovora u kojem je ispitanik stranka ili kako bi se poduzele radnje na zahtjev ispitanika prije sklapanja ugovora,

Obrada je nužna kako bi se zaštitili ključni interesi ispitanika ili druge fizičke osobe,

Obrada je nužna za potrebe legitimnih interesa voditelja obrade ili treće strane, osim kada su od tih interesa jači interesi ili temeljna prava i slobode ispitanika koji zahtijevaju zaštitu osobnih podataka, osobito ako je ispitanik dijete,

Ispitanik je dao privolu za obradu svojih osobnih podataka u jednu ili više posebnih svrha.

Osobni podaci su prikupljeni u posebne, izričite i zakonite svrhe te se neće obrađivati na način koji nije u skladu s tim svrhama.

Primjerenost, relevantnost i ograničenost na samo nužne podatke potrebne za izvršavanje svrhe zbog koje su i prikupljeni.

Točnost i ažurnost.

Osobni podaci se čuvaju u obliku koji omogućuje identifikaciju ispitanika samo onoliko dugo koliko je potrebno u svrhe radi kojih se osobni podaci obrađuju.

Cjelovitost i povjerljivost – osobni podaci se obrađuju na način kojim se osigurava odgovarajuća sigurnost osobnih podataka, uključujući zaštitu od neovlaštene ili nezakonite obrade te od slučajnog gubitka, uništenja ili oštećenja primjenom odgovarajućih tehničkih ili organizacijskih mjera.

Pouzdanost – voditelj obrade je odgovoran za ranije navedena načela te je spreman pružiti dokaze o njihovoj provedenosti.

C) Kako se prikupljaju Vaši osobni podaci

PETRUS TOURS d.o.o. turistička agencija prikuplja osobne podatke na sljedeće načine:

Direktnim kontaktom, bilo da nas nazovete telefonski, pošaljete nam e-mail, popunjavanjem kontakt forme na našoj web stranici ili dođete osobno u naš ured.

Ako koristite našu uslugu.

Prosljeđivanjem Vaših osobnih podataka od strane naših partnera pod uvjetom da su proslijeđeni na legalan način.

D) Koji Vaši podaci se prikupljaju

PETRUS TOURS d.o.o. turistička agencija prikuplja samo osobne podatke koji su nužno potrebni za ispunjavanje svrhe. Listu svih osobnih podataka koje prikupljamo možete dobiti na zahtjev.


E) Kako koristimo Vaše prikupljene osobne podatke

Prikupljeni osobni podaci se koriste u sljedeće svrhe:

Kreiranje najbolje ponude krojene prema individualnim ili grupnim preferencama.

Izvršavanje ugovorne obveze.

Transferiranje osobnih podataka trećim stranama u svrhu izvršavanja ugovorne obveze. Ovo uključuje i možebitno transferiranje u zemlje izvan Europske Unije.

Utvrđivanje zadovoljstva izvršenom ugovornom obvezom.

Rješavanje eventualnih reklamacija.

Zadovoljavanje zakonskih regulativa.


F) Sigurnost Vaših osobnih podataka

Svi Vaši osobni podaci su pohranjeni u poslovnom sustavu zaštićenom šiframa i enkripcijom te ‘pristupačnosti’ samo određenim zaposlenicima nužnim za izvršenje poslovnih zadataka.

G) Duljina čuvanja Vaših osobnih podataka

Vaše osobne podatke čuvamo onoliko dugo koliko je potrebno za izvršavanje ugovorne obveze i legitimne svrhe (uključujući reklamacije), odnosno do opoziva privole ukoliko se obrada temelji na privoli. U slučaju kada pravni propisi nalažu duži period čuvanja, onda se osobni podaci čuvaju sukladno važećim propisima. Podaci koji se više ne čuvaju se trajno brišu ili anonimiziraju.


H) Vaša prava

U skladu s Općom uredbom imate sljedeća prava:

U trenutku prikupljanja podataka dobiti sljedeće informacije:

Identitet i kontaktne podatke voditelja obrade

Svrhu obrade i pravnu osnovu

Legitimne interese voditelja obrade

Primatelja ili kategorije primatelja

Transfer podataka u treće zemlje

Dobiti od voditelja obrade potvrdu:

Obrađuju li se Vaši osobni podaci

Kako se Vaši osobni podaci obrađuju

O svrsi obrade

Koji Vaši osobni podaci se prikupljaju i obrađuju

Uvid u Vaše osobne podatke koje posjedujemo

Pravo na ispravak netočnih ili zastarjelih podataka

Pravo na brisanje Vaših osobnih podataka

Pravo na transfer Vaših osobnih podataka drugom voditelju obrade

Pravo na povlačenje privole

Pravo na traženje ograničavanja obrade

U skladu s čl. 10. Zakona o zaštiti potrošača (NN 41/14, 110/15), te čl.6. Zakona o pružanju usluga u turizmu (NN 130/17) u slučaju da korisnici usluga imaju prigovor na kvalitetu naših usluga, oni mogu isti podnijeti osobnim unosom u našu evidenciju prigovora ili pisanim putem poštom, na slijedećoj adresi: PETRUS TOURS d.o.o. Turistička agencija

Stobrečka 10, 21 000 Split, HRVATSKA         

Prigovor se može podnijeti i putem e-mail:

Primitak prigovora će gostima biti bez odgađanja pisano potvrđen, a odgovor će biti dan najkasnije u roku od 15 dana od dana primitka prigovora. U prigovoru molimo da se naznači kome i na koji način se želi dostaviti odgovor na prigovor. Svi osobni podaci navedeni u prigovoru bit će pohranjeni sukladno Općoj uredbi o zaštiti podataka i neće biti upotrijebljeni u druge svrhe.