Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is a coastal town in Montenegro located at the Western entrance to the Bay of Kotor and at the foot of Mount Orjen. It is recognizable by the abundance of mimosa trees and its numerous flights of stairs. It’s often called ‘The City of the sun’, thanks to the large number of sunny days all year round. 

When to visit Herceg Novi

The best time to visit Herceg Novi is from May to the end of October. At this time of the year you can expect pleasant temperatures, lots of sun and little rain! The busiest time of the year in Herceg Novi is during the months of July and August, when all services are open. These are also the hottest months, and it might be more comfortable to explore the Old Town in spring or autumn. It is possible that deckchairs are brought to the beaches only as late as in June, when the holiday season really kicks in.

Herceg Novi FAQ

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How many days do you need in Herceg Novi?

What are the essential sites to see in Herceg Novi?

The Old Town of Herceg Novi, called “Stari Grad” in Montenegrin, is the most visited place in the city – and it is easy to understand why. The Old Town is the heart of the city. It is quite small and can easily be walked in a pair of hours.

Herceg Novi’s Old Town is officially considered to be 600 years old, but some of its constructions date back even earlier than that. The city was mentioned for the first time by the Bosnian King Tvrtko I, who is considered to be Herceg Novi’s founder.

The upper part of Herceg Novi’s Old Town is marked by Kanli Kula, another ancient fort. However, all that is left of it today is an open-air theatre that still functions as such. 

Since it is located a bit higher than the rest of the center, Kanli Kula gives you beautiful views of Kotor Bay so it is worth the walk.

Herceg Novi’s Old Town is quite well preserved and with a couple of highlight locations you should check out:

  • Sahat Kula, the Clock Tower, built in 1667 – we recommend this to be your entry point into the city center
  • Church of Archangel Michael, located in the square of Herceg Stefan Vukic
  • The drinking fountain Karachi, located in the same square, heritage of the Turkish area
  • St Jerome Church and Square

Is Herceg Novi worth visiting?

Even if you just have one day, perhaps visiting on a day trip from Croatia, Montenegro and Herceg Novi are well worth making time for although you’re likely to be left wanting more. With its world-famous mountains and fjords, gorgeous beaches, glorious walled cities with cobbled streets, rich history, delicious cuisine, and friendly people, it’s truly not-to-be-missed. It’s one of those countries that offer it all and as it’s small you’ll be able to check off many of the highlights in one trip.

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