Kravica Waterfall

Plan your Travels to Bosnia and Herzegovina

A next-door neighbor to popular Croatia, it’s easy to reach on a day trip from Split or Dubrovnik, but there is plenty to do as a destination in its own right. One of the most visually breathtaking corners of Europe, Bosnia-Herzegovina is located in the western Balkan Peninsula. It’s a fabulous fusion of East meets West, where sheep scurry along steep hills and turquoise rivers flow. 

The Kravica waterfall is a pearl of the Herzegovinian landscape, located on the Trebizat River, 7 km away from Ljubuski. It is a unique natural beauty built by the Trebizat River flowing through limestone terrains and depositing tufa.

When to visit Kravica waterfall

Summers are hot and dry throughout Bosnia although it will be cooler in the evenings in mountainous regions. The prices increase as the temperatures rise so you’ll have to be prepared to pay more in this season although the country tends to be more affordable overall than many. Many feel the best time to visit Bosnia is in May and June, or September, when the heat has faded while hiking is idyllic. It will be comfortable for sightseeing and in the fall you’ll enjoy vibrant yellows, oranges and reds splashed across the forests.

The Kravice waterfall is open to visits from the month of May until October. It shuts down for the rest of the year as winter sets in, making the region unsuitable for public visits. In fact, the water in the lake below Kravica remains particularly cool even during the hotter months. The place never feels overcrowded even during the peak season and pets are allowed in the area.

How big is it?

The Kravice waterfall is roughly 25 meters high and separated into 20 falls, with the lake below being about 120 meters in radius. However, it is this small size of the fall that makes it so accessible, unlike most large waterfalls.

Kravica waterfall FAQ


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How do you get there?

kravice map

The nearest airports are Mostar International Airport (OMO) and Dubrovnik Čilipi Airport (DBV). When you get there, there are many tour operators who offer trips to Kravice.

However, if you prefer to arrange the trip yourself, getting to the waterfalls is a bit tricky, but you can reach there if you take a cab from Mostar (if you happen to be in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and go south for about 40 km. Keep in mind that it’s only about 10 km to the south of Ljubuški, if you happen to be in that town. For more detailed driving instructions, please see the map to the right.

If you are in Croatia, you will first need to get to Metković and then onto Mostar. Drive through and once you have driven past its border, take a left turn over the river. This should lead you into Čapljina town. Cross the town and you will soon see a T-junction with a road that leads towards Ljubuški. Drive south from there and the road signs should lead you near the Kravice waterfall soon enough.

Working hours

For visitors – Vodopad Kravica Ljubuški

Price list

The price of one entrance ticket for an adult is 20 KM (10.25 EUR) and it is applied throughout the year.

The entrance ticket for groups of students from 7 to 18 years of age is 5 KM (2,56 EUR) and it is applied throughout the year.

The price includes the possibility of visiting the waterfall “Koćuša” and the monastery museum in Humac.

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