Plan your Travels to Bosnia and Herzegovina

A next-door neighbor to popular Croatia, it’s easy to reach on a day trip from Split or Dubrovnik, but there is plenty to do as a destination in its own right. One of the most visually breathtaking corners of Europe, Bosnia-Herzegovina is located in the western Balkan Peninsula. It’s a fabulous fusion of East meets West, where sheep scurry along steep hills and turquoise rivers flow. 

Medjugorje is a village in the municipality of Čitluk, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1981, it has become a popular site of Catholic pilgrimage due to Our Lady of Međugorje, a purported series of apparitions of Mary, mother of Jesus, to six local children that are supposedly still happening to this day.

When to visit Medjugorje

While Medjugorje is a popular destination to visit all year round, September-October is the ideal time to go due to a number of factors such as the climate, cost of travel and accommodation, as well as avoiding peak holiday periods.

In the summer months, temperatures tend to get to a maximum of around 34℃ (92℉). The average low temperatures in winter float around 2℃ (36℉), while the coldest it gets down to is about -3℃ (26℉).

If you want to get the most out of your time visiting Medjugorje, or you’re just afraid of the dark, the days in August are usually the longest between sunrise and sunset. The wet season in Medjugorje falls around November, so if you prefer the dryer weather, you should look to visit in August instead.

Medjugorje FAQ


Matilda Your Croatia Expert

How many days do you need in Medjugorje?

You’ll want at least five days in Bosnia to cover many of the highlights while immersing yourself in the unique culture. As it’s a small country, you can travel relatively quickly from place to place. Perhaps spend a couple of days in Mostar and Medjugorje, a favorite with many, and another two days in the bustling capital of Sarajevo. Jajce is worth including too, with a day here to enjoy its small hilltop forest, historical museums, large park, river, and a gorgeous waterfall Kravice.

What are the essential sites to see in Medjugorje?

The top attractions to visit in Medjugorje are: Apparition Hill; il Monte Della Croce; St. James’ Parish Church; Statue Of the Queen of Peace; Missionarie della Famiglia Ferita Maria. Kravice Waterfall is a beautiful natural spot approximately 15kms from Medjugorje and a very popular place for swimming and picnics in the Summer months. It is a lovely place to visit if you are spending a few days in Medjugorje.

Our Medjugorje Tour Packages

Check out these and other packages to Medjugorje.

Our Medjugorje Tour Packages

Pilgrimage to Medjugorje – 8 days

The Medjugorje Tour is ideal for Catholic pilgrims and those wanting to connect with their faith. It is visited by millions of people from all around the world during the year.

Medjugorje Apparation Hill & Kravica Waterfall

Combine the highlights of Medjugorje and Herzegovina on this full-day tour. With a guide in the lead, this multi-stop tour is easy and informative; round-trip transportation.

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Pilgrimage to Medjugorje – 8 days

The Medjugorje Tour is ideal for Catholic pilgrims and those wanting to connect with their faith. It is visited by millions of people from all around the world during the year.