What to do while in Dubrovnik?

With a pleasant Mediterranean climate, 260 sunny days per year and protected nature, Dubrovnik offers you the opportunity to explore historical sites, museums and galleries, and to learn about the wisdom of our ancestors. Enhance your holiday with a tour of the city and its surroundings, tasting exquisite gastronomic specialties or attending sports events that will invigorate both your body and soul.

The mild climate, fortunately, enables sailing all the year round, so we recommend the Elafite Islands cruise where you can explore wooded untouched oases, and where the nature lovers can enjoy picturesque villages on the Islands of Koločep, Lopud and Šipan and the island life so unlike that in the environment where you come from.


Why is Dubrovnik Famous?

Are you counting down the days until your trip to Dubrovnik? If you’ve already booked your flights and accommodation, now’s the time to start planning your time in the city.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Dalmatian Coast – and the entire Mediterranean region – Dubrovnik has something for everyone. What else would you expect from ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’?

At Rewind Dubrovnik, we’re a team of young, skilled, and genuinely local seamen, so we’re perfectly placed to offer insider insights and recommendations for the place we call home. Our unforgettable private boat tours from Dubrovnik are the cornerstone of all Dubrovnik itineraries.

Exploring hidden coves and caves, sipping local wine while watching the sunset, and cooling off with a refreshing swim in a shimmering blue sea – we provide the ultimate Dubrovnik experience.

But what about the city itself? What makes Dubrovnik so appealing to travelers from across the world? Below, we’ve looked at just a handful of the reasons why Dubrovnik is so famous…and why you must come to visit soon!

Dubrovnik Boasts Famous TV and Movie Locations

Dubrovnik was the primary filming location for King’s Landing, one of the most prominent cities in the world-famous television series Game of Thrones. Due to the inherent beauty of the city’s Old Town, the production didn’t need to build scenery or sets nor rely on obvious special effects. 

As one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world, complete with large, intact outer walls, Dubrovnik was the perfect solution for bringing the Lannister family’s fortified home to life.

If you’re a fan of the series, walking the streets of the Old Town will create a wonderful sense of déjà vu.

But Game of Thrones isn’t the only mega-franchise to film in the city. Segments of Star Wars: The Last Jedi were also filmed in Dubrovnik. Parts of the Old Town provided the setting for casino planet Canto Bight. 

Dubrovnik’s Historic Old Town is Stunning

As touched on above, the Old Town of Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most perfectly preserved medieval cities. Built between the 11th and 17th centuries, the resolute stone walls still enclose the historic center to this day. It’s possible to walk along them (more about that below).

The Old Town is home to the remarkably preserved architecture of various historical styles. You can find Baroque palaces, monasteries, and churches; Renaissance façades and foundations; marble-paved squares; and cobbled streets.

Such is the extent of the preservation that Dubrovnik’s Old Town holds status as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

But the great history on offer is as welcoming as the turquoise waters lapping on the beaches. The Old Town is still a vibrant, bustling, and lived-in city filled with narrow streets, markets, bazaars, cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Tourists Love Our Impressive City Walls

The walls encircling Dubrovnik’s historic core are defining features of the city. No visit is complete without a walk around this spectacular monument.

Having scaled to the top, you’re rewarded with a fantastic view across the red roofs of the Old Town and the twinkling Adriatic beyond. It’s so mesmerizing that we would say it’s worthy of film or TV…

1,940m in length, and with three entrance gates, six fortresses, and a series of towers, the wall’s structure itself holds just as much fascination and wonder as the views.

You can buy tickets to walk the walls from the entrances near the Ploče Gate, Pile Gate, and Maritime Museum at St. John’s Fortress. Once on the walls, you must walk in a counterclockwise direction as this helps to reduce congestion.

Dubrovnik’s Cable Car Offers Fantastic Views

If you’ve got a head for heights, you can sample another incredible view of the city, coastline, and the Adriatic Sea from a higher vantage point. Dubrovnik has a cable car system that shuttles people up Mount Srđ, taking around four minutes to reach an altitude of 412m. 

When you disembark at the summit, you’re greeted with a stunning view of the compact Old Town, with its uniform terracotta roofs and the glistening, crystal-clear Adriatic Sea.

The hilltop is also home to the Panorama Restaurant and Bar and a souvenir shop, so you can enjoy the vista with a drink or meal.

Off the Beaten Path journey

Firstly, Take a tour of Ston, visit the salt works, taste the oysters of Mali Ston Bay and explore the wine route on the Pelješac Peninsula. While on Pelješac, take a ferry from Orebić and you will reach the Island of Korčula in no time. The medieval city of Korčula is encircled with city walls. With a neat layout and rows of gothic and renaissance buildings, Korčula is the native city of Marco Polo. The city boasts the traditional knightly dances moreška,

Secondly, visit the most beautiful parts of the Dubrovnik Riviera include Cavtat and Konavle. Among many reasons why one should visit this area are the unique folk costumes, good wines, smoked ham, cheese kept in oil and the story of silk.

If you are a lover of hiking, the hills of Konavle are the right choice. At the hundred-year old mill on the River Ljuta housing the Konavoski Dvori Restaurant you may also taste freshwater fish. A jeep safari and horseback riding are only some aspects of the wide-ranging tourist services offered in Konavle.

Thirdly, and most importantly, if you enjoy eating – and even picking – mandarins, birds watching and archaeology, the valley of the Neretva Valley – the biggest one in the region – is the right place for you. 

The Photo safari is a unique tourist experience in which guests are driven by indigenous Neretva vessels (small wooden boats from which are some even 100 years old). Discover the allure of one of the last swamps on the European continent, its flora and fauna, the diversity of wild birds and the traditional lifestyle of the Neretva people.

End up at a beautiful local restaurant overlooking the water for Tradicional local dishes and wine.  Walk around collared streets of the small town Opuzen and feal the Zen energy in the air. You may want to venture out to one of the friendly bars around the town square to meet the locals over a beer or two.

Just 10 minutes of driving away from the Neretva river delta, you’ll find a beautiful landscape of 7 Baćina lakes.

These lakes are located near the city of Ploce and they are the unique place of intact nature. We organize Bacina lakes kayaking tour there and every guest we had on the tour was simply stunned by the Bacina lakes. The good thing about the lakes is that they are not crowded even during the high season.

Moreover, make sure to visit the Island of Mljet, mentioned in the legends of Odysseus, St Paul, the Benedictines and the Mediterranean monk seal. With two unique seawater lakes surrounded by pine woods that reach the shore creating an atmosphere of untouched nature, the Mljet National Park is frequented by tourists the whole year round. Rent a bicycle and cycle to the woods and lake shore, or merely take a walk, smell pinewood and take a boat to the Isle of St Mary – situated in the middle of the Large Lake – and explore the 12th century Benedictine Monastery and Church.

In conclusion, after the excursions to its surroundings, the lovely beaches of Dubrovnik and crystal clear sea are waiting for you. Top quality hotels, superb wellness centers and more than a thousand different events throughout the year were created precisely for you and your memorable stay!

To rest and explore, relax and discover, Magnificent Croatia helps to create memories you’ll want to replay on repeat.

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